Adam Riches - Untitled (C 098)

Adam Riches - Untitled (C 098)

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Adam Riches

Oil on canvas - Signed and dated on reverse - Original, Unique

Adam Riches is an emerging British painter and draughtsman who lives and works in Suffolk, England.
Primarily monochromatic, his characteristically stylised portraits and figurative works are sensitive responses to the human condition, ranging from furious expressive moments to poignant, melancholy reflections.
In pen on paper and oil on canvas, Riches’ searing explorations of the human psyche delve into the effect of current social and political issues upon the individual, and the way in which people behave towards one another.
He is interested in people’s frailties and their fallibility – in particular, their potential for extreme behaviours. For the most part, people give the outward appearance of order and civility but underneath that exterior, there’s usually something far more interesting happening. 

71 x 61 cm


    Country of origin: United Kingdom.

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